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Continuous Zipper Chains


We have been offering continuous zipper chains of Nylon zipper (Coil zipper), Plastic zipper (Delrin
zipper), Metal zipper and Invisible zipper to zip assembly manufacturers and wholesale zip suppliers for over 25 years.

Our zipper chains come in a vast range of colors, styles and materials which are customized to
your specifications. We supply zip chains separately with zipper sliders which can be in
various designs. Our zipper chains are measured by yards or meters. Home furnishing products, autocar seats,
luggage, handbags, tents and mattress widely require long chain zips.


Contact us for more zippers & sliders.

Finished Zipper


Finished zipper is a ready-made zipper which is customized into specific length with stoppers and
sliders. Finished zippers have two types – open-end zipper and close-end zipper. For providing
value-added services to our customers, we also supply finished zippers making with our quality
long chains zippers for customers’ flexible applications across apparel industries including
fashion, outerwear, sportswear, children wear, jeans / denim, jackets, workwear.

Special Nylon (Coil) Zipper


All rainbow colors, teeth types and zip tapes are in your own specifications.
Welcome for new development.


* Contact us for more designs.

Zipper Assembly Types
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